Kitchen, Dining Room and Bathroom Restoration

Pasion Painting

Project Description

Costumer requested to have kitchen, dining room walls and bathroom cabinets rebuilt and restored, the look was too old fashion, the area felt enclosed and he wanted a more sophisticated, more lively, more roomy, more welcoming look but retaining the original wood. The previous feel was too dark and the area felt enclosed. In essence this was a restoration job. His dining room area also needed a new paint job to match the new look and feel.

Each cabinet had to be carefully removedĀ  and disassembled without breaking the original vintage glass. The varnish had to be removed from the wood without damaging the wood surface. This is a very slow and painstaking process.

After the surface had been cleaned, we sanded the wood with fine sand paper to smooth the surface of the wood. With a moist piece of soft cloth material any residues were removed. An alcohol primer was then applied to the wood and then the wood was re-sanded with a very fine sand paper by hand. After the wood dried out we applied

After that process took place it was sprayed painted with semi-gloss simple white paint which gave it the final machine like finish with a beautiful and elegant gloss.

What did we do

  • Kitchen Cabinets Restoration
  • Dining Area Wall Painting
  • Bathroom Cabinets Restoration

Customer Review

Excellent job, thank you!
WOW! What a difference!!
Antony Castillo
Home Owner

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