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Exterior Paint Project

Project Description

We first had to pressure wash the entire exterior of the house. The old paint had to be removed to ensure an even surface. This process takes time and it is meticulous because the paint has to be removed by hand with a scraper to ensure the surface is intact. 

After the removal of the paint the surface had to be sanded to make the surface nice and smooth. The next step is to prepare the surface by caulking the cracks, bondo on the largest areas where previous damage may exist. 

Once the surface was prepared, we sprayed primer in all the surfaces, then we sprayed two hands of paint (flat regal). This paint is designed for exterior surfaces to withstand up to 15 years. 


What did we do

  • Residential exterior paint removal
  • Exterior surface praparation
  • Exterior primer spray
  • Exterior painting

Customer Review

Excellent job, thank you Pasion Painting!
The finished work is excellent. It was a pleasure to have met these guys in their process of becoming famous. Highly recommended
David Milan
Home Owner

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